Friday, July 13, 2012

The Friday Find: 1950s Seersucker Top

This sweet, homemade maternity shirt from Good Karma Vintage reminds me of photos of my Nonna was she was pregnant with my dad and his sisters. Or like something Baby would have worn if she'd had Johnny's baby the summer after they met. It looks made for picnics by the lake, paired with shorts (maybe these?) and some gold hoops.

Also, as ever, have a lovely weekend! Tomorrow I'm co-hosting a bridal shower for a dear family friend and I can't wait. I started babysitting her was she was five! This blows my mind, and is a good reminder that I may not be young. My cousin got married last week, and my college roommate had her first baby yesterday, so it's actually been a happy and exciting week all the way around. 

(Images: Good Karma Vintage. )

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  1. Thanks for featuring this top for your Friday Find!!! It's always exciting to find vintage maternity clothes when I'm out on the hunt, because it doesn't happen often. Love your blog! <3
    Crystal at Good Karma Vintage Co.