Monday, March 26, 2012

Vintage Style: Kim Gordon


Kim Gordon is just flat out cool. I remember being awestruck the first time my friends and I saw Sonic Youth in concert — at her playing, her stage presence, and her clothes. We're the same type of nerds who texted each other when she and Thurston Moore separated last year after 27 years of marriage. The photo above was taken when she was pregnant with their daughter Coco in 1994 (you could probably guess the year by her pants alone).


The super-1990s, super-amusing video for Bull in the Heather, from which the above screenshot is taken, was filmed when she was 5 months pregnant with Coco. Throughout the video, she alternately rocks this pink miniskirt and a lacy babydoll dress. Both outfits epitomize mid-nineties rock style, though they're definitely looks best left to her and Courtney Love. For a few years, she also has a line for "cool moms" called Mirror/Dash, but unfortunately, it didn't last long.

(Images: FuckYeahKimGordon, Screenshot from Bull in the Heather (C) 2004 Geffen Records)

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