Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vintage Style: Meryl Streep

There is so much to love about this photo. Meryl Streep's mom, Mary, carefully guiding her footsteps. Meryl's stunning, shampoo-ad hair. The belted satin dress. The photo was taken in 1979, when she was pregnant with her son, Henry Gummer. It was the same year she acted in Manhattan and Kramer vs Kramer, the latter of which coincided with part of her pregnancy.

A few years later, she picked up the 1982 Best Actress Oscar for Sophie's Choice while pregnant with daughter Mary Willa Gummer, who now goes by the stagename Mamie.  Isn't the look on her face so sweet?

(Images: Jive Times, US Weekly)

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Friday Find: 1950s Seersucker Top

This sweet, homemade maternity shirt from Good Karma Vintage reminds me of photos of my Nonna was she was pregnant with my dad and his sisters. Or like something Baby would have worn if she'd had Johnny's baby the summer after they met. It looks made for picnics by the lake, paired with shorts (maybe these?) and some gold hoops.

Also, as ever, have a lovely weekend! Tomorrow I'm co-hosting a bridal shower for a dear family friend and I can't wait. I started babysitting her was she was five! This blows my mind, and is a good reminder that I may not be young. My cousin got married last week, and my college roommate had her first baby yesterday, so it's actually been a happy and exciting week all the way around. 

(Images: Good Karma Vintage. )

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

5 for Fighting . . . Aching Legs

Aching, swollen legs are bad enough in the winter, but in the summer? Between the heat, outdoor activities, and having to wear skirts and shorts, they seem even worse. Here are few tried-and-true remedies to get those gams feeling a bit better. 
  1. Coconut water is loaded with potassium, which helps alleviate leg cramps.  I'll admit, I tried coconut water for the first time when I was pregnant with Henry and barely got it down. I thought it was disgusting. Thankfully, I learned it varies greatly by brand and finally found two I like. My favorite is Harmless Harvest, but if you're worried about the raw factor, VitaCoco with Pineapple is delicious too.
  2. One of my friends just bought Chaco flip flops, raved about them, and immediately recommended them to all of our other pregnant friends. The REI website also has a few glowing reviews by pregnant ladies.
  3. Soak your feet in a basin full of tonic water at the end of the day and voila! Swollen feet are gone. Seriously.
  4.  I liked the Erba Organics Lotion, Lauria swears by the Burt's Bees one,  and my friend Megan swears by the Kiss My Face version. I'm a fan of organic products during pregnancy, but past that, just get yourself a peppermint lotion, slather in on, and relax. 
  5. Even if you've never done yoga in your life, give prenatal yoga try. It helps relieve all sorts of pregnancy symptoms, increases energy, and can lead to a faster labor. A prenatal class is also a great way to make "mom" friends. If you can't get to the studio, try this fantastic Shiva Rea video
(Images: as linked above)

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Friday Find: Red Sundress

I've fallen hard for this breezy dress from LoveCharles Vintage. The sweet bows, the gorgeous color, the way it falls — all of it. You may want to add a belt to define your belly, but in such a lovely color, you won't need much to look amazing. 

As always, have a wonderful weekend! We're laying pretty low around here. I really hope to go to the Botanic Gardens, but it'll depend on what this insane weather brings tomorrow. Otherwise, it may just be eating tons of ice cream on our deck. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let's Go: The Farmer's Market

I remember going to the farmer's market when I was little — the one in our town was known for its delicious donuts — and milling around with my parents. I'm sure it's not true, but it always seemed like all the moms wore sundresses. There was live music and fresh berries and we loved it. We've been taking Henry pretty regularly and I hope he also has nice memories of it when he's grown. We especially like meeting friends at Green City Market to eat crepes in the sunshine, walk to the petting zoo, and let the kids dance to the various musicians. A perfect, languid morning made for memories (and sundresses). 

(Images: Products, as linked above; Tomatoes)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lilac Summer 2012 & a Shout Out

There's lots of summer goodness over at Lilac. I just discovered this brand during a visit to Kickin' Maternity in Chicago, which coincidentally, is also chockfull of summer goodness.

Also, thanks to Jennifer Sirota for the minor facelift she's given Style Nine. I met Jenny when I moved across the street from her in first grade and we got dogs that were siblings. She was the coolest then (she introduced me to the musical stylings of Billy Joel, had an awesome Lego village in her basement, and let me stay up late to watch television when she babysat) and she's still the coolest today. Thanks Jenny! 

(Images: Lilac Clothing)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Eclectic Nursery

I just stumbled across this sweet room and had to share. The furniture looks like dollhouse pieces come to life.

Via EmmasDesignBlogg.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Friday Find(s): Bad James Vintage

This week's Friday Find was originally the peasant dress alone, but the siren song of this purse was too strong to ignore.  And aren't you glad I didn't? The shell and straw combination is fantastic, no? Frankly,  Bad James Vintage is always stocked with covetable finds — definitely check it out if you've never done so before.

Have a sunny, slow-paced weekend!

(Images: Bad James Vintage)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Zü Softies

There are two things I apparently can't resist — Swedish design and French soft toys. I've been well aware of the Swedish design thing for years, but these insanely cute softies from Zü sealed the deal on the French toys.  The raindrops would be so sweet on a changing table — initially just as decor and then as a diversion during changing time.

(Images: Zü Shop)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Lauria Locsmondy's Maternity Essentials

I met the über-stylish, über-smart Lauria Locsmondy a few years ago, when she and I worked for the same publishing house. It took me two days to realize she's one of the best dressed people I've ever met and about two days longer to realize this isn't a huge secret in Chicago — she was already well known for her work as a makeup artist, for founding PISTIL magazine, and for singing with her punk band Vicki. Since then she's gone on to found Jealousthe political, additive online fashion magazine. The new momma recently shared her maternity essentials with me and every single one is practical and affordable. . . .